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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Starting with a clean slate in 2018

Good afternoon all,

I want to wish you all a blessed and abundant 2018!
This year I promised myself to start with a clean slate. Last year was a total surrender for me to the Lord. He showed me last year, the dark corners of my heart: a prayer my wife was praying, that has finally been answered.

He showed me I was still slightly racist towards people who weren't white in some circumstances. For instance, I always had my answer steady when a black American was being attacked by the police in the previous years when Obama was in power. I assumed the police had a solid reason to treat those people like that. In my heart I felt the police was right....but then I got a dream. I was quite shocked! It totally opened my eyes, I wept and wept for hours and asked Jesus for forgiveness. Suddenly I felt something dark and evil going out of me. I didn't scream or something, but I felt that dark, evil entity was going away....it was the most awesome experience I had in my life...feeling totally free from hidden sin! I asked forgiveness to a couple of black people in the UK and also some to some African American friends who live in America, whom I've got to know through internet.

I can't describe my happiness to feel so much love for my coloured brother and sisters.

Now I am reaching out in the weekends to young people, especially the ones with a non-western background. I am grateful that God is using me in such a magnificent way!

This is a personal message for white Christians: don't let envy, prejudice and racism fill your heart, because you can't go to heaven with racism in your heart!! This is a lie from satan, who doesn't want you to be entirely filled with the Holy Spirit. Break with this evil spirit now!!!

God bless you.

Nigel Whitaker.